Red Cloud is a 'new concept' capital markets advisory firm. Working as an extension of management, we use our global network of capital markets specialists and our extensive experience in the many facets of the business of mining to help companies identify alternative sources of capital and quality actionable growth opportunities, and to generate and maintain important relationships with key investors.


About red cloud

  • Mining


    To be successful, a mining company needs the rare combination of technical and capital markets expertise. Red Cloud provides turn-key capital markets advisory services to achieve the growth objectives of your technical team.

  • Why We're Exceptional

    Red Cloud is a New Capital Markets Concept for the Mining Industry.

    • We work confidentially and as a long-term partner
    • Our compensation is aligned with management and investor success metrics
    • We have real experience in creating, managing, and growing mining companies
    • We screen to select only high-potential clients


  • Services

    Our experienced team provides the full spectrum of capital market solutions for mining companies. We offer a wealth of experience in various disciplines and have a strong network of industry contacts.

    Access to Investors

    • Deep relationships get you to the front of the line with:
      • fund managers • investment bankers • equity analysts
      • investment advisors
    • Access to non-traditional funding sources
    • We source capital on the best terms for you

    Effective Marketing

    • Alliance with Torrey Hills Capital provides unmatched depth for non-deal road shows in Canada & US
    • Proper branding to make you stand out from the 1,500+ other mining companies
    • Public disclosure preparation:
      • press releases • website design
      • presentation decks


    • Alliance with WMCS provides broad available global asset acquisition opportunities
    • Use market intelligence to prioritize internal and external growth targets
    • Generate and implement corporate development initiatives
  • What We've Done

    • Secured funding on the best terms
    • Refined growth strategy
    • Obtained independent sell-side analyst coverage
    • Optimized marketing presentation
    • Increased share liquidity
    • Identified new board members and management
    • Complete a peer analysis
    • Identify M&A targets
    • Prepare a defense strategy
    • Reviewed market trends
    • Provided market intelligence


  • Portfolio

    We choose companies that we've identified as having savvy teams and high-potential assets. We believe that with the addition of Red Cloud’s full-service, in-house IR and corporate development team our clients will see considerable value appreciation.

    Our portfolio of companies we privided assistance to.

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Our Team

  • Chad

    Chad Williams


    Chad Williams, P Eng, is the Founder and CEO of Red Cloud Mining Capital Inc. Previously, Mr. Williams was the CEO of Victoria Gold Corp. He has extensive experience in mining finance and management. Mr. Williams has been a Director of several emerging mining companies and was a founder of Agilith Capital Inc. as well as Westwind Capital Inc. Mr. Williams was the Head of Mining Investment Banking at Blackmont Capital Inc. and was also a top-ranked mining analyst at TD Bank and other Canadian brokerage firms. He holds both a B Eng (Mining) and an MBA from McGill University.

  • Chad

    Chad Gilfillan, P.ENG., CFA

    Vice President

    Mr. Gilfillan is a former mining fund manager at Natcan Investment Management and worked for over 5 years as a buy-side mining analyst at TD Asset Management. Prior to joining the financial sector, Mr. Gilfillan was employed as a consulting engineer, having worked on mining projects around the globe and across the resource company cycle: from exploration to feasibility, construction and operation. Mr. Gilfillan holds a BASc in Geological Engineering from the University of Waterloo and is a CFA® charterholder.

  • Dwight

    Dwight Walker


    Mr. Walker is the former CFO and Secretary of ECU Silver Mining Inc. which was recently acquired through a transaction that valued ECU Silver in excess of $300 million. Mr. Walker has over 30 years of financial and administrative experience. He is a Certified General Accountant and holds a BMath from the University of Waterloo.

  • Kristina

    Kristina Knopp

    Corporate Development & IR

    With nearly 10 years of sales, marketing and investor relations experience and an educational background in Public Relations, Kristina brings a wide range of communications skills to the Red Cloud Team. As a Director of the BC Chapter of the Canadian Investor Relations Institute since 2009 and Manager of Investor Relations for several publicly traded junior mining companies Kristina has worked with a diverse portfolio of junior mining projects in various stages, jurisdictions, and with diverse array of metals, including precious, base and strategic.

  • Lauren

    Lauren Bradbrook

    Office Administrator

    Lauren provides administrative support to our team here at Red Cloud. She is a recent graduate from McMaster University where she earned her BA Honours degree in Communications, and a Minor in Earth Sciences and Geography. She hopes to utilize her twofold degree at Red Cloud and gain experience in the mining and investor relations industry.

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Red Cloud's Annual
Fall Mining Showcase Oktoberfest Social

Red Cloud's Annual Fall Mining Showcase Oktoberfest Social Pictures

Thank you to all participants and those who attended this year's Fall Mining Showcase & Oktoberfest Social. This year's event proved to be bigger and better than ever before with a fantastic roster of 18 presenting companies, an esteemed private equity panel, and the Honourable John Baird P.C. as our keynote speaker



  • 1 - Who Have You Worked With?
  • 2 - What is “Red Cloud Mining Capital?”
  • 3 - Are you an investment broker or exempt market dealer (EMD)?
  • 4 - If most of your clients are based in Vancouver, why is your office located in Toronto?
  • 5 - Can you raise capital for your clients?
  • 6 - How much do you charge?
  • 7 - Money is tight. How can I justify hiring a capital markets consultant?
  • 8 - What type of services do you provide?
  • 9 - Do you do marketing outside of Canada?
  • 10 - Are you an investor relations firm? I’m already working with an IR firm; why do I need your services?
  • 11 - Do you provide consulting advice in any other industries?
  • Who Have You Worked With?

    We've Provided Assistance To:

    Our portfolio of companies we privided assistance to.

  • What is "Red Cloud Mining Capital?"

    Red Cloud is a 'new concept' business and capital markets advisory firm for select high-growth mining companies.

    Working closely with management, we use our unparalleled global network of capital markets specialists and our extensive experience in the many facets of the business of mining to provide cost-effective value-added solutions, including strategic advisory;

    Investor relations and marketing;

    Financing advisory, focused on non-traditional financing alternatives;

    M&A advisory and asset searches, among a plethora of other capital markets related services. For our clients, we serve as the gateway to capital markets in Canada, the US and globally.

  • Are you an investment broker or exempt market dealer (EMD)?

    By design, we are neither a broker, nor EMD.

    Instead of competing with the many investment brokers and EMDs across North America, we choose instead to provide service to both our mining company clients AND the institutions.

    On one hand, we help the institutions by pre-screening each mining company we choose to work with, so the brokers trust that when we introduce your story to their bankers, analysts and institutional sales teams the investment opportunity is of the highest quality with exceptional potential for value appreciation.

    On the other hand, we help you by constantly keeping track of which top tier firms have an appetite for your type of mining story. Then by leveraging our relationships we are able to bring you to the front of the line so you can introduce your investment opportunity to those top-tier firms.

  • If most of your clients are based in Vancouver, why is your office located in Toronto?

    Whether based in Toronto, Vancouver, or elsewhere, it is of utmost importance for mining companies to stay visible in Toronto’s investment community.

    Through first-hand experience running several mining companies, the Red Cloud team recognizes that a CEO’s day-to-day responsibilities in running a mining company amount to much more than a full-time job and it's nearly impossible to keep on top of what's happening on the Street, especially because with today’s market volatility, Bay Street is becoming increasingly fluid, with analysts, bankers and retail brokers moving firms on an almost constant basis.

    So for our clients located in Toronto, Vancouver or elsewhere across the globe, we serve as a full-time presence in Toronto.

    That way, not only do we ensure that you always know what’s going on in Toronto’s investment community, but we also ensure the Street knows exactly what is going on with your company so you remain top of mind.

  • Can you raise capital for your clients?

    By not being a broker or EMD, we have the unique ability to introduce you to any of the vast number of brokers across North America. Red Cloud does not directly finance our clients.

    Instead, we are able to leverage our many broker relationships on the Street, expanding your reach to many more institutional sales desks and buy-side investors than any single broker would be able to.

    We have the knowledge to put you in front of those we know to be interested and actively investing in your specific types of story.

    Given the state of the markets, we can’t promise that we’ll raise you capital. What we CAN promise is that we’ll provide you the BEST chance at raising capital.

  • How much do you charge?

    We understand that capital is at a premium in these markets, but for less than a cost of a single, junior salaried corporate development professional, you’ll have access to an entire corporate development team with more than 100 years of combined experience in the mining industry.

    Specific fees vary depending on your company’s needs, but we’ll work closely with you to develop a structure that makes sense to everyone involved.

  • Money is tight. How can I justify hiring a capital markets consultant?

    So much time and capital is wasted, telling the wrong story at the wrong time to the wrong people.

    With our many years of combined experience and our intimate relationships with the Street, you can have confidence that we will end up saving you money on marketing and transactions by helping refine your investment thesis so that it’s palatable when we introduce you to the right investors, precisely when they have an appetite for your type of story and by negotiating financing and transactions fees on your behalf.

  • What type of services do you provide?

    We provide a full spectrum of capital markets services including, but not limited to Strategic Planning, developing Marketing Material, Retail and Institutional Marketing, Financing Advisory, M&A Advisory and Enhancing Management and Board Depth.

    • Strategic Planning
    • Marketing Material
    • Retail and Institutional Marketing
    • Financing Advisory
    • M&A Advisory
    • Enhancing Management and Board Depth

  • Do you do marketing outside of Canada?

    Yes! We provide global institutional and retail marketing in Canada and the US and via our strategic affiliates, across Europe and Asia.

  • Are you an investor relations firm? I’m already working with an IR firm; why do I need your services?

    We are not an investor relations firm; however investor relations is one of the services we provide as part of our complete capital markets service offering.

    Our retail marketing relationships extend throughout Canada and the US and globally into Europe and Asia via our many strategic affiliates; however, unlike traditional IR firms, our service doesn’t stop after the non-deal road show.

    We’ll work very closely with your management team on all things capital markets related from refining the corporate strategy and tailoring the investment thesis to the appetite of the Street , gaining sell-side analyst coverage; searching for growth opportunities through M&A, capital growth through traditional equity via institutional marketing, or non-tradition options, such as royalties, streams, debt, private equity, or strategic corporate partners; and by helping you increase management’s depth by sourcing experienced and talented board members and officer to augment your team.

    So, for less than the cost of a two-day non-deal road show with a traditional IR firm, you have access to a complete range of capital markets advisory services in addition to on demand investor relations services.

  • Do you provide consulting advice in any other industries?

    We pride ourselves on being mining experts and specializing exclusively in the mining industry.

    We know and understand the challenges and needs of mining companies as well as the challenges and needs of both sell-side and buy-side mining investors, because each member of our Red Cloud team has extensive experience as either buy-side mining fund managers, sell-side mining analysts and investment bankers, mining engineering consultants, mining CEO’s, or mining investor relations/marketing professionals.